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Health and safety at the tip

The Household Waste and Recycling Centres are working waste sites and can be very dangerous, there is a strict no public access to any internal service area. Before coming to any of the three Household Waste and Recycling Centres please be aware of our Health and Safety guidance in partnership with Medway Norse.

HWRC safetyHWRC safety

HWRC safety

Don’t be hasty, please drive safely

All three sites have a 5mph speed limit. Keep your speed to a minimum when driving on site and be aware of other vehicle users and pedestrians. HWRC safety


When you arrive, keep them inside

There are many hazards on site and children and pets are less visible to other site users. Keep them in your vehicle.


HWRC safetyPrevent a bruise, wear sensible shoes

Protect your feet from bulky and sharp objects. Put on sturdy footwear. Keep away from open shoes like sandals and flip-flops.


HWRC safetyDon’t climb and slip, you’ll end up in a skip

You will put yourself at risk if you climb on the barriers to access the container. Keep your feet firmly on the ground.


HWRC safetyWhen you unpack, look after your back

Please don’t overfill containers that may need to be lifted. Only load items that you can safely lift yourself.


HWRC safetyWhen loading a skip, try not to trip

Avoid short-cuts when disposing of your waste. Be aware of steps and other obstacles, especially around the hard-core binsHWRC safety.



Cuts hurt, make sure you’re alert

Check the load before lifting and be aware of sharp edges. Wear gloves.

HWRC safety

Hazards come and go, keep us in the know

Report any potential hazards, near misses or accidents to site operatives. Make us aware.