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Asbestos disposal

How to dispose of Cement Bonded Asbestos

We offer a free cement bonded asbestos disposal service at our Household Waste and Recycling Centres, this section covers the disposal of low risk asbestos products taken to the sites.

What types of asbestos can I dispose of at the sites?

  • Asbestos cement roofing
  • Asbestos down pipes and gutters
  • Asbestos flues  
  • Asbestos tiles

No other types of asbestos can be accepted at the sites.

Before visiting the site

The asbestos bins at the household waste and recycling site can only accept asbestos sheeting no bigger than 3 meter’s in length. This is due to the shape and size of the bin. Please follow guidance at the bottom of this page on how to handle asbestos.

Before you arrive at the household waste and recycling site the following steps MUST be taken:

The asbestos bonded cement waste MUST be double bagged or double wrapped in heavy duty plastic (500-1000 gauge) then sealed with tape to prevent the asbestos waste tearing the packaging in transit and contaminating your vehicle.

We will not accept any asbestos waste that is not double bagged and you will be asked to leave the site. We do advise that you contact Medway Council before you arrive to ensure the asbestos container has sufficient capacity for the amount of material you have. Phone 01634 333333.

At the site

Upon arrival at the site members of the public must report to the site office or notify site staff that they need to dispose of asbestos waste. This must be done BEFORE any material is unloaded from your vehicle.

Site staff are required to assess the waste and how secure the bagging/wrapping is in order to minimise contamination to other site users. The site staff will direct you the asbestos container where you can deposit the waste.

Our staff will be wearing protective clothing and masks, this is due to the accumulative times they can be exposed to asbestos and it is an essential part of protecting their health and safety. You will be asked to complete a waste declaration this is for health and safety purposes.

Remember if it's not double bagged or double wrapped it will not be accepted and you will be turned away.

Additional information

For further information look at the Health And Safety Executive (HSE) website:

Advice on removing asbestos cement (AC) sheets, gutters etc and dismantling a small AC structures (pdf 678kb). Asbestos basic

Find further advice on our asbestos-pollution control page.