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Recycling bags

Report a lost or stolen and order new bins and bags - we aim to deliver within 10 working days. To avoid your recycling containers going missing after collection, we advise placing your property number on them. From Medway libraries, community hubs and contact points  you can collect clear sacks free of charge.  

Recycling is collected every week on the same day as your black sack rubbish. Collection times may change, so put all rubbish out by 7am on your collection day.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling after collections? Find out Where your rubbish ends up. You can find further recycling advice in our A-Z recycling guide.

Recycling for houses

Blue resuable1

Blue reusable recycling bag (please no plastic carrier bags)

  • newspapers/magazines
  • telephone directories
  • envelopes, junk mail and paper
  • flattened cardboard
  • cereal and egg boxes

We ask you to separate paper and card, because if it's mixed with other materials, its more expensive and difficult to recycle. By using the blue reusable bag the paper remains of higher quality and is able to be recycled into a wider range of products.


White reusable and clear recycling bags White reusable

  • glass bottles and jars
  • metal food and drinks cans
  • clean metal foil
  • empty aerosols
  • household plastic packaging, including: bottles, pots, tubs, trays and carrier bags 

A roll of 13 clear recycling bags are delivered to each household every 13 weeks.

Recycling for flats

flats recycling binResidents living in flats with a blue shared recycling bin can use it for all:

  • paper
  • card
  • metal cans
  • glass
  • plastic packaging

The items above can be contained in clear sacks (collected from local libraries), plastic carrier bags or cardboard boxes before being placed into the shared recycling bins. Materials for recycling can also go loose but please do not use black sacks for your recycling. Black sacks placed in the recycling bin will be considered as general waste and the bin will not be emptied for recycling. If this happens four times in six months, the shared recycling bin will be removed.

You can find flats in Medway with shared recycling bins or if you're flat doesn't have a shared recycling bin yet, you may be on the list of suitable flats which will receive one by 2017. If you're not on this list and would like a blue shared recycling bin, phone 01634 333 333. We will look into your request and provide a bin if your flat is suitable.

Please note those flats with shared recycling bins will not receive a delivery of clear sacks but can collect packs from local libraries.