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Household waste and recycling centres

The centres are located at:

Please remain safe and remember these are working waste sites that can be very dangerous, there is a strict no public access to any internal service area.

All three site have restricted vehicle access

Opening times

Monday to Saturday

All three centres are open between 8am and 4.15pm. In addition, on Mondays between 1 April and 30 September, the Capstone and Cuxton centres only are open until 6.15pm.

Sundays and bank holidays

On Sundays and bank holidays, all three centres are open from 9am to 3.45pm, except Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day when the sites will be closed.

Peak times

To help you plan your visit to your local centre, peak visit times range from 10am until 12 (midday) during the week and from 11am until 1pm at weekends and Bank Holidays. If at all possible, avoid visiting at these times.

At times of high demand such as Bank Holidays, school holidays, weekends or times of fine weather, it is likely that the duration of peak visiting times will start an hour earlier and end an hour later.

Please allow additional time for your visit during these periods.

What you can donate at the centres

At all three centres you now have the option to donate household furniture and electrical items (except TVs), rather than throwing it away with Abacus Furniture Project (part of the registered charity West Kent Extra).

What you can recycle at the centres

Food and drink cartons (tetra-pak) and the following materials can all be placed in the Mixed Recycling container

Diagram of food tins and drink cansDiagram of plastic bottlesDiagram of mixed paper and cardDiagram of plastic bags


These materials have separate containers for recycling

Diagram of mixed glass bottles and jarsDiagram of shoesDiagram of small appliancesDiagram of scrap metalDiagram of textilesDiagram of mixed paper and card


Diagram of low energy bulbsDiagram of garden wasteDiagram of woodDiagram of fluorescent tubesDiagram of gas bottlesDiagram of fridges and freezers



Cooking oil logo


We have had to temporarily suspend the service for rigid hard plastics. Customers with rigid hard plastic will now be guided to the general household waste container.


Cuxton only

Diagram of plasterboard


Capstone only

Diagram of plasterboardDiagram of tyres

What you can throw away at the centres

Diagram of asbestosDiagram of household waste

Due to several incidents involving asbestos being dumped in the hardcore containers at the centres, the hardcore skip has been fenced off. Find a member of staff on site if you wish to dispose of hardcore material.

Restricted access

There is restricted access to the centres for any vehicle taller than 6ft 6in (2m). Site staff are not permitted to open the height barrier.

Transit-type vans, panel vans, open-back, pick-up type and sign-written vehicles are not allowed into any of the centres, as these are considered to be commercial vehicles. Small privately-owned vans that can comfortably fit under the two-meter barrier and have a gross laden weight of no more than two tonnes, are able to book access the Capstone site by special arrangement.

For full details see permitted/non permitted vehicle list (pdf 149KB), for further details or to book phone 01634 333333.

If on arrival your vehicle does not fit under the height restriction barrier of the Capstone site, you will not be permitted entry.

Note that there are no walk-in facilities of any kind at any of the sites.

Commercial WEEE

The three sites are for the disposal of household waste only. There are some larger electrical items that are regarded as commercial waste, even if it was purchased for residential use. Please view our guide to fridges. If you have a fridge that is regarded as commercial please contact SWEEEP Kuusakoski on 01795 434125 or recycle@sweeep.co.uk

Banned pesticides

A ban on the sale of 81 garden products came into effect at the end of July 2003, under the terms of the 1991 Plant Protection Products Directive. View full list here and dispose of the products at our Cuxton site.