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Certificate corrections

An entry can only be corrected if there was a mistake at the time of the registration. Evidence showing the correct details is required. Some corrections can be authorised locally at the register office and others need to be referred to the General Register Office. You should initially contact the register office.

When you contact us we will advise you of procedure and how the correction will be made and will also tell you what documentary evidence you will need. You will be asked to put your request for a correction in writing, giving details of the error, what the correct information should be and details about how the error occurred. Alternatively you can complete an application form.

Depending on the type of mistake, there may be a need for a qualified informant to witness the correction being made, so it is helpful to if you can say in your application whether you would be able to attend to do this. Corrections are made by entering a note in the margin at the end of the entry, and this note is reproduced on certificates.

Application forms can be download as PDF files below.

A fee is usually payable for the consideration of a correction.

Corrections to birth entries

Corrections to deaths entries

Corrections to marriage entries