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Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies are for people aged 18 years or older who have made a successful application for British citizenship.

If your application has been approved, the Home Office will advise you to attend a ceremony within 90 days. If you live in Medway, you should contact the Medway Register Office to make a booking within 14 days of receiving your letter from the Home Office.

Ceremonies are usually held at the Corn Exchange in Rochester or at the Register Office in Rochester, but some other venues are also sometimes used. If you attend a group ceremony along with other new citizens you can bring up to four guests with you. It is also possible to arrange an individual ceremony with the opportunity to bring a larger number of family and friends.

At the ceremony you will have to say an oath or give an affirmation of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and make a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom. The ceremony is also an opportunity to welcome you to Medway and to be presented with a Certificate of Naturalisation.

Ceremonies reinforce the fact that citizenship brings both rights and responsibilities and they help encourage new citizens to play an active part in the community.

Book a citizenship ceremony

Book a citizenship ceremony.

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