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Crematorium rules

  • You must not commit any nuisance or deposit any litter
  • You must not play any game or sport
  • You must not disturb any mourners or services within the grounds
  • You must not damage plants, buildings or memorials
  • No human remains will be scattered without permission and the attendance of the council
  • Only special assistance dogs are permitted. No other pet or other animal is permitted. The council may make special allowances for horse drawn hearses
  • No goods of any kind may be offered for sale or advertised without written permission from the council
  • Only memorialisation provided by the council will be permitted in the crematorium grounds and any type of memorialisation in any part of the grounds not approved by the council will be removed without notice.
  • You may place flowers in the Gardens of Remembrance and the Chapel of Meditation. Flowers should be fresh and all wrappings removed. The grounds will be cleared of all flowers and other items every Wednesday. Flowers placed in vases or other containers not provided by the council solely for this purpose will be removed immediately. The Chapel of Meditation is cleared of all flowers and tributes daily. More frequent clearances may take place at the discretion of the manager where the flowers are in poor condition, the grounds considered untidy, or if they are causing an obstruction for other people.
  • You must not pin or fix items to any tree. You must not dig or bury any item. We will remove items we feel are not acceptable
  • We can not give any guarantee that memorials will be fixed or re-fixed in a specific location
  • You must walk only on the grass and clearly marked paths
  • You must not stray into the wooded area without permission

Flowers from funeral services

Flowers and tributes from funeral services are cleared on Monday morning (those left from the previous Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday funerals) and Wednesday morning (flowers left from the previous Friday and Saturday funerals). Flowers that are not within the specified areas may be removed outside of these times.

While every care is taken to make sure flowers and tributes remain in place, the council is not able to take responsibility for any flowers that are left at the crematorium.