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Who to notify

There are various things you will need to do following a person's death. If you are the person responsible for carrying out the directions of the will (the executor), you will need to contact the deceased person's bank. You will also need to inform us of a change in circumstances if someone in your household has died. You may be able to claim housing benefit or get a reduction on your council tax. 

Who inherits an estate if someone dies without a will?

Where a person dies without a will and is not survived by an entitled kin, their estate (where solvent) belongs to the Crown. The details will normally be reported to the Treasury Solicitor (Bona Vacantia). In some situations, and following referral to the Treasury Solicitor, relatives may occasionally be found.  In these cases, the Treasury Solicitor may decide to have no further dealing with the matter and pass it to solicitors acting for the relatives. In such cases, the council will still expect to recover its costs from the estate.

Find out what to do after someone dies, how to make a claim for a deceased person's estate or work out who inherits an estate if the deceased died without a will.