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Find an approved venue

Find a ceremony venue

Under legislation, the Council grants licences for the provision of Marriage and Civil Partnership Ceremonies in certain premises. The venues listed below have all been granted a licence as, following an inspection and evaluation, the Proper Officer for the Registration Service has decided that they meet the criteria set by the Council and are therefore deemed to be suitable premises for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies.

Licences last for three years unless otherwise stated.

Couples should make provisional arrangements with the venue of their choice and then contact the Medway Register Office to make a formal booking with the registration staff.

For weddings and civil partnerships, there are legal requirements which need to be met before a ceremony can take place. See details of fees.

Make a booking

Phone us after you have made arrangements with the venue you have chosen.

Phone: 01634 338899

Email: register.office@medway.gov.uk 






License a venue for civil ceremonies

If you own a building you think would make an ideal venue for holding wedding and civil partnership ceremonies please contact the register office for more information. 

Go to details of licence applications currently being processed.