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Marrying at Medway Register Office

There is a statutory requirement to provide a register office marriage room to hold the bride and groom and two guests. The Medway Registration Service provides both a small register office room and a larger room called the Library Room for couples who wish to invite more guests Both rooms can also be used for forming civil partnerships, with or without ceremonies.

The register office room holds six people, including the couple and their witnesses and guests.

The Library Room is within the same building at Northgate in Rochester and accommodates 50 guests.

Both rooms are on the ground floor for easy access and the building is conveniently located just off of Rochester High Street. There are several public car parks close by and the area is well served by public transport.

There is no restriction on how far in advance couples can provisionally reserve the date and time of their marriage or civil partnership. The office recommends booking as early as possible. Couples considering marrying or forming a civil partnership at the Medway Register Office or elsewhere within Medway are advised to telephone to provide their details as soon as they have a date in mind.