Non Domestic Rates Bill Calculator

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Non Domestic Rates Bill Calculator 2017 - 2022

Simply fill in a couple of figures for an instant on-line annual estimate. Remember this calculation is an estimate based on the information you supply. For a full evaluation make a formal claim asap.
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The inflation figures for 2017-18 are already known. Input your choice of "Q"” values for future years or accept our default inflation values.
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Bill direction "Normal"
new bill
band limits
Transitional phasing bill zones and
the "normal" (no phasing) band
Interim bill - may be adjusted Transition Status
Transitional phasing zone above "normal" band
Transitional phasing zone below "normal" band
Other relief is available for charities, unoccupied property, certain rural enterprises and general hardship. Check with your Local (billing) Authority.
Explanation - Transitional phasing works by comparing the new "normal" bill (notional charge) with the previous year's bill. Above and below the previous year's bill there is a "normal" band, the boundaries of which are set percentages (adjusted for inflation). If the new bill falls within the "normal" band then that will be the interim (transitional) bill. If the new bill falls outside the "normal" band then the appropriate "normal" band boundary will be the interim (transitional) bill - protecting business from sudden swings. Final adjustment (supplement or relief) may apply to convert the interim (transitional) bill to an actual bill.
Caveat: In the early stages of the 5 year spread, we cannot know the inflation rate or business multiplier values for future years up to 2022 so this phasing projection assumes that they stay much the same - past experience suggests that they will creep up slightly so the 2021-22 "normal" bill (notional charge) could be slightly optimistic.
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