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Do business with the council

At Medway Council we spend roughly £230million each year buying goods, services and works for the community.

This process of buying from suppliers is called procurement. Our priority is to secure the best value for money throughout the organisation.

Current opportunities

If you're a supplier interested in doing business with us you are required to register, for free, with the Kent Business Portal to search for contracting opportunities and receive alerts related to your interests.

We advertise all contract opportunities with a value over £5,000. You can view these on our Contract Register (this is an online document which is subject to change over time).

Why you should do business with us

Find out more about why you should do business with us.

Read our booklet How to do business with Medway (pdf 1MB) for further guidance on our procurement process including:

  • what we consider when selecting a contract
  • How we assess your suitability to do business with us
  • How we manage and monitor a contract

We also hold an annual Meet the Buyer event so businesses can find out more about working with the council and about the opportunities available to them.

What we buy

We buy a wide variety of goods and services for use by all departments. Some examples include:

Goods Services  Works
  • Cleaning products
  • Clothing
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Furniture
  • Library materials
  • Sports and gym equipment
  • Stationery
  • Catering
  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Environmental health
  • Facilities management
  • Housing support
  • Human resources
  • ICT
  • Social care
  • Construction
  • Highways  
  • Property maintenance


Who does the buying?

We have a Category Management Team for procurement to help us spend public money better.

Category Management is a way of grouping related goods and services into categories and mapping them against the supplier market to maximise quality, benefit and value across the council.

The team supports council officers in following the rules when doing business with external organisations, getting value for money and buying what they have identified. Every officer of the council must comply with the Contract Procedure Rules (pdf 256KB) whenever they take part in procurement.

Buying for external organisations

We have carried out a number of external procurements for other organisations, saving them time and money. For example, we provided Mid Kent College with an outdoor gym for 15% less than the price they were initially quoted. To find out if we can help you email categorymanagement@medway.gov.uk

Further information

Business Link has produced a comprehensive guide called Selling to Government which provides practical advice on the procurement process, procurement regulations and helps suppliers understand the tendering process for public sector contracts.