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Apprentices and graduates

Photo of man and womanWith more than 80,000 residents, Medway has a vast pool of youthful knowledge. Four universities and a brand new college show this talent is readily available.

Medway Council is helping companies recruit this young talent by implementing the schemes below.

This includes Medway100 a new campaign worth £100,000. Find out more.


An apprentice is a young person who works a full time job and serves a real purpose in the running of a business. Medway Council's Learning and Development team will act as the intermediary to handle all the paperwork and liaise between the apprentice and the employer, meaning that you are left free to run your business.

Graduate and student placements

Both graduates and students are highly-skilled professionals in the making. The difference between a student and a graduate is a student is still studying and a graduate has finished their studies. A student placement would take place during a break within their course, which can be a summer period or a whole year break of study known as a sandwich year. A graduate is a recently qualified university student and their knowledge is the most up-to-date in their field.

graduate retention internal photoA placement can be for any length of time and whatever suits your company needs. Placements can be either paid or voluntary, however, the longer the placement lasts the more the business is expected to pay a contribution to the individual.

Medway Council has been working with local colleges, universities and the Federation of Small Businesses to support local businesses in placing students and graduates.



Case studies


Medway Council employs its own apprentices across various departments. Lily joined the council’s Economic Development Team as an administrative assistant and started immediately on an intensive programme of training courses at the council’s main offices. Lily is directly mentored by a senior personal assistant and is currently ahead of target in her qualification. Lily holds a key role within the department and keeps the team running productively.

Graduate interns

Louisa is studying sociology. The degree course has a compulsory placement year that was spent with Medway Council. Louisa completed her initial project earlier than anticipated and was seconded to work within the apprenticeship placement scheme for the remainder of her placement. The apprenticeship scheme expanded rapidly and Louisa was offered an extension to her contract until her return to university in September.
Louisa said: "The placement has allowed me to experience different job roles. I feel I have gained skills that would be of benefit to my employer in the future."


For more information contact Economic Development by telephone: 01634 338138 or by email: business.support@medway.gov.uk

Write to: Economic Development, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR