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Riding establishment licence

If you want to run a riding establishment in Medway, you'll need to apply for a licence.

A riding establishment is a business that hires out horses or ponies for riding, or a riding school.

You can ask for more information about the licence and its conditions before applying.

Apply for a licence

Complete our application form for a riding establishment licence

You must be over 18 years of age.

You need to prove that you have suitable qualifications and experience of horse management.
An approved vet will also check that your horses are:

  • in good health and physically fit
  • suitable to be hired out and used for riding
  • provided with adequate food, drink and bedding
  • regularly exercised
  • safeguarded in an emergency

You also need liability insurance that covers you for any injuries that result from people riding your horses.

If you're granted a licence

Once you have been granted a licence, you must keep a register of horses aged 3 years or under that are usually kept on your premises, and make it available for inspection.

We may inspect your premises and horses any time after your licence is granted. If the inspector finds that any of your horses need veterinary attention, you must provide a certificate to show they are fit again before returning them to work.

You must not leave anyone under 16 years old in charge of the riding establishment. Any riders under 16 must be supervised, unless you’re satisfied that they are competent to ride without supervision.

If you're refused a licence

You won’t be able to get a licence if you’ve been banned from:

  • running a riding establishment
  • running a pet shop
  • keeping animals, including in a boarding kennel or cattery

You won't get a licence if you’ve been convicted of any animal welfare offences.

If you feel you have been wrongly refused a licence, you can appeal to the Magistrate's Court.

Renew your licence

You must renew your riding establishment licence every year.