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Incidental non-commercial lotteries

An incidental non-commercial lottery is one that is incidental to a non-commercial event and where the conditions in Part 1 of Schedule 11 to the Gambling Act 2005 are satisfied.

Examples include a lottery held at a school fete or at a dinner dance. An event is non-commercial if all the money raised at the event, including entrance fees, goes entirely to purposes that are not for private gain. A social event with an entrance fee would be non-commercial if the profits went to a society, therefore, but would not be non-commercial if the profits were retained by the organiser for private gain.

The promoters of the lottery may not:

  • deduct more than £100 from the proceeds to cover the cost of organising the lottery;
  • deduct more than £500 from the proceeds to cover the cost of prizes awarded in the lottery;
  • involve a roll-over of prizes from one lottery to another.

All tickets must be sold at the location during the event and the result made public while the event takes place.


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