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Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test (The next date set is 28 February 2018. Bookings must be received by 26 January 2018)

Applicants must pass the appropriate knowledge test for Hackney or Private Hire before applying in full for a drivers licence.


To pass this Knowledge Test you require a pass mark of at least 80 per cent for Section 1 (multiple choice) and 60 per cent for Section 2 (prominent places). All areas within Medway may be included in the questions for routes in section 1 and prominent places in section 2.


The tests will now be held four times each year, the next dates are provisional and are as follows: -


Wednesday 27 June 2018


Wednesday 24 October 2018


Wednesday 27 February 2019


Knowledge test booking forms will be available to down load two months before the date of the test and
must be received by licensing no later than one month before the date of the test.

A booking form and Form of Endorsement must be completed for each test; we do not retain or return pervious ones.

The booking form  must be completed in full and returned with the form of endorsement and two identical recent photographs that are a true likeness of you.  One photograph must be certified by someone who has known you personally for at least two years.  ‘I certify that this is a true likeness of [Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms or other title followed by your full name].’   The person providing the countersignature must not be related to you by birth or marriage. Neither should they be in a personal relationship with you (this includes a same sex relationship) nor live at the same address (please read the Photograph Guidance for further information).  They must then sign and date the Form of Endorsement, it is not enough to just to sign and date the photograph. Payments of £65 must be made by card by telephoning our Customer Contact Team on 01634 337108 (please write your receipt number on the booking form). Cheques and cash payments are not accepted.


If you fail to return these forms, photos and pay the fee by the 26 January 2018, you will not be able to sit the test.  The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Bookings are confirmed in writing.





Knowledge Test Structure

The private hire test will consist of 15 multiple choice questions made up of a selection of questions on routes, Penalty Points within the Taxi Policy, mathematical in respect of the taxi tariff (how much to charge) and 30 prominent places.

The hackney carriage test will consist of 20 multiple choice questions made up of a selection of questions on routes, Penalty Points within the Taxi Policy, mathematical in respect of the taxi tariff (work out how much to charge and change to be given) and 25 prominent places.

Where to study for your routes: -

Multiple Choice Routes are set using Bing Maps, whereby you need to decide which one is the shortest distance.

Where to study for questions on the Taxi Policy: -


What to study for prominent places: -

Prominent places will include places of interest that people would like to visit, doctors’ surgeries, licensed premises, sports facilities, schools, places of worship etc.

Answers for prominent places should be the street for the postal address where the place is located. If it is a street or road where there is more that one in the borough e.g. High Street, then you need to say which town it’s in.

Only one officer deals with the setting of the tests and staff outside of licensing mark the test papers using the test answer sheets provided by the person setting the test – no officers in licensing have access to these prior to the test taking place.

Further information about the knowledge test

·    Tests are kept securely until the day of the test.

·    New tests are created each time.

·    There are no specimen tests for applicants to study.

·    Tests will be marked within three to four weeks of the day of the test.

·    Applicants will be notified of the result in writing.

·    The Licensing Unit does not provide results over the telephone.

·    The result will show the applicant's percentage mark for each section.

·    The Licensing Unit will not enter into any discussion regarding the result.

·    Test papers cannot be viewed.

Test papers are shredded and disposed of as confidential waste three months after the test date.