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Lost property left in taxis

Report lost property in taxi

What to do if lost property is found in a taxi

If you have lost or found property in a taxi, please complete this online form. Taxi operators do not deal with missing property and it is the responsibility of every taxi driver to check their vehicle at the end of their shift.

Please note - Taxi drivers must bring all lost property to reception at our offices in Gun Wharf,  Dock Road, Chatham.

When a passenger contacts the council by telephone about lost property, an officer will make out a report. He or she will ask you for:

  • your name and address;
  • your contact telephone number;
  • the date and approximate time you were in the taxi;
  • the name of the taxi firm you used;
  • whether the taxi was booked or flagged down;
  • a detailed description of all the items missing.

An officer will contact you if your property is handed into the council. It will then arrange for you to come in to collect the items and sign to say you have collected your property. You will need to show identification before we hand over your property.

Please note:

Taxi drivers check their vehicles at the end of a shift and therefore other customers may have found your missing property and kept it without the knowledge of the driver. Unfortunately, this is extremely hard to prove and therefore there is no guarantee that your items will be found and returned to you.