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What happens next?

The Airport Operator

After a successful tender in 2013, Rochester Airport Ltd was selected as the airport operator to work in partnership with the Council to implement the proposals to improve the airport's infrastructure.

Rochester Airport Ltd will need to apply for planning permission for the new facilities. This will require extensive consultation with local residents, businesses and statutory consultees about the proposals.

Progressing development

The next steps on the process to develop the airport will involve submission of a planning application from the airport operator.

Given the nature of the development, the applicant will be expected to arrange public consultation on the proposals prior to the submission of a planning application. All material planning considerations raised as a result of representations received will be considered in the process of the planning application. Rochester Airport Ltd will provide a range of detailed technical information alongside the planning application.

In addition to the planning application process, the airport operator will need to seek licensing consents from the Civil Aviation Authority.