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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA)

The Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA) is for people who lack capacity and who have no friends or family, but require support for serious decisions.

The statutory service was established in April 2007 as part of the Mental Capacity Act.

For more information about the role of the IMCA read our booklet: Making decisions - The IMCA service - Helping people who are unable to make some decisions for themselves (pdf 609KB).

We have commissioned POhWER to provide the IMCA service for Medway. If you are a health care professional you should make your referral to POhWER.

Contact details for the IMCA service

The IMCA Service for Medway - POhWER - can be contacted by:

Referrals helpline: 0300 0031 993 (Available from Saturday, 1 July 2017)

Email: medwayadvocacy@pohwer.net

Website: www.pohwer.net/medway

Address: POhWER, PO Box 14043, Birmingham, B6 9BL

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