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Support for adoptive parents

We recognise that adoption is a lifelong commitment and we aim to support new and existing families, before, during and after adoption. We offer advice, information and counselling and can also direct you to other agencies that have a wealth of knowledge and experience on all aspects of adoption.

What kind of support does Medway offer?

  • counselling, advice and information
  • assessment of adoption support needs
  • therapeutic services
  • support with contact arrangements
  • support groups
  • training and workshops
  • financial support
  • access to records
  • a team of adoption social workers specially trained in working with families whose children have experienced loss and trauma

We provide a number of specific support services focused on your assessed needs. Not all of the services available will be appropriate for every family.

Knowledge and information are key to help you develop your parenting skills and meet the needs of your child. We aim to keep you well informed and so we organise social events at least twice a year to meet up with other adoptive parents and children, and additional training opportunities, which include workshops and therapeutic parenting courses, as well as regular newsletters to keep you informed. 

Medway’s Adoption Support Services Adviser (ASSA) will help you access adoption support and other specialist services, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. We encourage families to keep in touch and sign up to our mailing list to receive our regular newsletters about the support service available. To find out what support is available, read the Adoption Passport (pdf 92Kb)

Life story book

Social workers produce a Life Story Book for each adopted child which explains their story in an age-appropriate fashion, to help them understand about being adopted and how they came to be part of their new family. If your child does not have a Life Story Book and you feel that this would help your child understand their journey - or if you are an adopted child yourself and do not have a Life Story Book, but would like one phone us on 01634 33 56 76.

Children and young people

We have developed two guides for children and young people who have been adopted or are going through adoption and want to know more about the process. As an adopter, you should have received our guide for children who are in the process of being adopted. If not, phone us on 01634 33 56 76 for a copy.

Our adoption support guide (pdf 252Kb) for children who have been adopted will help them understand their new situation and their feelings about this change.

Adopters and carers are encouraged to join a local support group to help build for themselves a local network of support with other adoptive parents and carers. For more information about your local support group phone us on 01634 33 56 76.