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Housing Benefit appeals

When we make a decision about your claim, we will send you a benefit decision notice.

Before you make an appeal you should make sure you understand this benefit decision notice.

By law we have to include certain information in the notice, therefore we have produced a guide to help explain what this information means following a new or changed award (pdf 229KB) and if you have an overpayment (pdf 126KB).

Appeal housing benefit decision

If you are unhappy with the decision that has been made, you can ask for an appeal.

If you'd like more information or for the decision to be explained, you should contact us straight away. You have one month to make an appeal from the date of your decision letter.

When we receive an appeal, a different member of staff to the person who assessed your initial claim will look at the decision. You will receive a letter telling you if your appeal has been successful or not.

Independent Tribunal

If your appeal is unsuccessful and we don't agree to change the decision, you have a right to appeal to an independent tribunal, made up of people who are not part of the council. You have one month to make an appeal from the date of your appeal decision letter.

You will also receive a form from us. You must complete this and send it back within 14 days of the date the form is sent to you, if you wish for your appeal to continue. The form asks questions about how you want your appeal to be looked at. You can choose between an oral hearing or a paper hearing.

Oral and paper hearings

An oral hearing is one that you can go to. The tribunal may ask you questions and you can also ask questions. You can take someone along to represent you, and you can call witnesses if you wish. One of our representatives may also be at the hearing.

A paper hearing is one that you do not go to. You should use the form that we send you with the appeal papers to add any information you would like considered.

The result

You will be given a decision notice explaining the tribunals’ decision as soon as possible after the hearing.

If the appeal is successful, we will put the decision right as soon as we receive our copy of the decision.