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Housing Benefit on 2 homes

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for Housing Benefit on 2 homes at the same time.

You can only get Housing Benefit on 2 homes if any of the following applies:

  • You have moved but still have responsibility to pay rent at your old address. When you move from one rented property to another you can get Housing Benefit for four weeks if you have actually moved into your new home but we agree that you could not avoid the rent liability on both homes i.e. period of notice required and having to take up a new tenancy quickly
  • Fear of violence. You can get Housing Benefit on two homes for up to 52 weeks as long as you intend to return to your old address at some point in this time. You don’t have to say when you actually are going to return, just when it is safe to do so
  • Waiting for adaptations. You can get Housing Benefit for four weeks if you do not move into your new home straight away because you are waiting for it to be adapted
  • Waiting for Social Fund payment before moving. You can get Housing Benefit on two homes for up to 4 weeks if you are waiting for a social fund payment to help you move and you have a child under 6 years old, or if you are over 60, or if you are getting disability premium.
  • Leaving hospital or a care home. You can get Housing Benefit up to four weeks before you actually move in if you are leaving hospital or care home.

In all cases you must claim Housing Benefit straight away, it is not enough to wait until you move.

Claim housing benefit on 2 homes

You can pick up a claim form at any of the council’s Community Hubs.