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About Early Help in Medway

Early Help in Medway is about identifying needs and providing support early on and before matters escalate or become more difficult to manage.  The aim is to ensure that children and families needing additional help have one lead person in their lives, so that they do not have to tell their story more than once.

Early Help Lead

The Early Help Lead will ensure that children and families receive support from the right professionals at the right time. They will carry out one overarching whole family assessment and develop one plan identifying the actions and interventions needed to meet the outcomes agreed for the whole family.  

Early Help Assessment

Anyone can ask for an Early Help Assessment, whether that is a young person, a parent or a professional.

Early Help Assessment

1)     an additional need is identified

2)     an assessment takes place to determine what is working well within your family and what support you may require. This can take up to 8 weeks to complete

3)     a plan is agreed, usually at the final assessment meeting with the family, and other relevant professionals.

4)     regular reviews take place to ensure the plan is working as expected and to identify any new issues which may occur. The review process occurs at least every 8 weeks.

5)     the process is finished once all the outcomes on the plan have been achieved


Please remember any safeguarding concerns should be reported to the Children's Advice and Duty Service on 01634 334466.



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