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Early Help for Parents

Early Help can transform children’s and families’ lives by identifying and resolving difficulties before they escalate into a potentially unmanageable situation.

Getting Early Help

If you feel you and your family might need support to solve some problems, you can ask a professional that you trust about early help. This might be a teacher at your child’s school, your GP, your health visitor, nursery practitioner or your housing support worker. Think about the professional you have the best relationship with or the most frequent contact with and approach them about Early Help.

Early Help Process

The support person will sit with you and members of your family and will:

1. Identify additional needs

2. Assess those needs

3. Develop a plan for interventions

4. Review Progress

Early Help Helpline

In the instance you would like more information about Early Help and do not know who to talk to, contact our Help Helpline on 01634 33 8746 or email us on ehsupport@medway.gov.uk who will identify and liaise with the most appropriate professional for you to receive support from.

Testimonials from Parents

"Thank you for all your help and support over the past year. We wouldn’t  be where we are now without you"

"**** has been a massive help to both myself and my boys. She has helped the children so much and has always gone out of her way to help us as much as she could. We couldn't have wished for a better key worker"

"Just to let you know **** got a letter from the college inviting him to a further interview, which is great news. Thanks for your help, it was much appreciated."  (Young person hasn't been in education for 3 years. Young person was looking at a custodial prison sentence in April - support from FSS resulted in a 9 month  referral order instead!)"


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