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Early Help Co-ordinators

Early Help Coordinators work across Medway to ensure that children and families who need help receive it from the right professionals.

Support from Early Help Co-ordinators includes:

- support to engage with Hard-to-Reach families
- support to practitioners who are starting an Early Help Assessment
- support to identify which services could be included in a review meeting
- support at review meetings
- links to external partners who are working with the Early Help Transformation Team such as police, NHS health and Department of Work and Pensions


Early Help Co-ordinators work across 4 areas in Medway.

Gillingham and Twydall
Luton and Rainham
Strood, Peninsula and Rochester West
Rochester East, Chatham and Walderslade

The Early Help Coordinators do not work directly with families. Instead they offer support and guidance to professionals who are working with families  in the Early Help Assessment process.


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