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Key priorities

Key prioritiesThe board set priority actions on an annual basis to deliver agianst each strategic theme.  The five key priorities of the Medway Health and Wellbeing board for 2014/15 are as follows:


1. Give every child a good start

Priority Action: Support mothers to have good physical and emotional health in pregnancy and in the early months of life: Focus on increasing levels of breastfeeding and reducing smoking in pregnancy.

2. Enable our older population to live independently and well

Priority Action: Improve early diagnosis, treatment and care for people with dementia in line with increasing population need.

3. Prevent early death and increase years of healthy life

Priority Action: Reduce death rates from cardiovascular disease.

4. Improve mental and physical health and wellbeing

Priority Action: Promote healthy eating and physical activity.

5. Reduce health inequalities

Priority Action: Improve uptake of screening and NHS Health Checks in the most disadvantaged areas.