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Leaving Care Contacts

If you are leaving care and need some advice or you're worried about leaving care as it all seems very daunting, you don't have to face this along. There are people who can help you.


If you are between the ages of 16 and 21 and are in, or were in, the care of Medway Council on or after your sixteenth birthday you are entitled to some support, advice or guidance. This support, advice or guidance could last until you are 25 years old. The type of support you are entitled to will depend on your personal circumstances.

The Leaving Care Team are here to help you get the right sort of help. You can call us on 01634 335651.


Get in touch

Joanne Kavanagh - Manager - 01634 335652 -  joanne.kavanagh@medway.gov.uk

Carla Thompson - Senior Social Work - 01634 335728 - carla.thompson @medway.gov.uk

Marcia Georgel - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - 01634 33 5631

Pam Pocock - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5610

Debbie Ward - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5626

Lisa Weller - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5668

Lucy Conn - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5558

Anna Braim - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5832

Paula Potter - Leaving Care Personal Advisor - Ext 5610


Duty line: Leaving care  01634 335651

Emergency contacts can be found here.


Accessing your personal file

You can request a copy of the information held in your case record. This is called making a 'Subject Access Request'.

Talk with your Personal Advisor about this and they can then request the information on your behalf.


Page updated 23 October 2017