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Council for Voluntary Services Medway (CVS)

CVS (www.cvsmedway.org.uk/) are local voluntary organisations set up and run by local groups to support, promote and develop local Voluntary Action. CVS (Medway) enables, supports and builds a thriving voluntary and community sector in Medway.

Set up in 1989, CVS (Medway) provides:

  • services and support for local voluntary groups and organisations, identifying, co-ordinating and providing training, ensuring full participation for disadvantaged groups, networking and building partnerships;
  • development, support and management of specific projects with a view to moving them towards independence;
  • advice, information and resources (generally provided free to all members) including:

    • a Directory of Voluntary Organisations;
    • a Halls for Hire list;
    • a booklist;
    • a library of books relevant to the voluntary sector;
    • photocopies at cost price;
    • the loan of TVs, videos, overhead projectors, screens, display boards and collecting boxes;
    • information on charitable status, trusteeship, fundraising etc;
    • a monthly newsletter, Voluntary and Community Sector News.

    For more information contact Council for Voluntary Services by telephone: 01634 812850 / fax: 01634 840611 or by email: postmaster@cvsmedway.gov.uk

    Write to: Council for Voluntary Services, Medway Council, 5A New Road Avenue, Chatham, Kent ME4 6BB