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Council tax reductions for disabled people

If there is a disabled person living in the property, you may be able to claim a reduction in the amount of council tax that you pay.

If certain conditions are met, the council tax bill could be reduced to that of a property in the next lowest band. There is also an equivalent discount available for homes in band A.

For a reduction to be made:

  • the disabled person must live in the property but does not have to be the person liable to pay the council tax bill
  • must use a wheelchair or a second bathroom or kitchen or an additional room in the property: this room must be essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled person because of the nature or extent of his or her disability.

Apply for a disabled banding reduction.

Once the completed form has been received, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for a home visit. We will consider whether your home meets the above conditions and then advise you of our decision as to whether or not a reduction applies.