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Council tax reductions for severely mentally impaired people


When counting the number of adults in a household for the purpose of council tax some people, including those who are severely mentally impaired, can be disregarded.

If the number of adult residents who are not disregarded is either one or none a discount may apply.

To qualify the severely mentally impaired person must be

  • Confirmed as severely mentally impaired by a registered practitioner (we will contact their doctor for this purpose) and
  • Receiving one of a number of qualifying benefits

Apply for a discount for the severely mentally impaired.


To qualify

  • All occupants must be classed as severely mentally impaired.
  • We will contact the occupant’s doctor for confirmation that the requirements for this exemption are met.
  • An exemption can also apply to a property where all occupants are either severely mentally impaired or students

Apply for an exemption for a property occupied by people who are severely mentally impaired.