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Medway Dog Code

Medway Council recognises the very significant and life enhancing role that dogs play in our community.  Owning a dog however, comes with certain responsibilities and we would encourage all dog owners to abide by the Medway Dog Code.

As a responsible dog owner, I will:

  • Ensure my dog is chipped and has a collar and name tag when it is outside
  • Prevent my dog from straying
  • Keep my dog under control at all times, especially around children and elderly people
  • Keep my dog on a lead on the highway, when requested by a council or police officer, or where signs indicate
  • Keep my dog out of children’s play areas, or any other area where signs indicate
  • Not allow my dog to be aggressive towards other dogs and people
  • Let Medway Council know if I see a stray dog
  • Carry enough dog bags to clear up after my dog (and a spare in case another dog walker has forgotten theirs)
  • Clear up after my dog and place the bag in a dog bin or rubbish bin
  • Keep my dog well fed and watered, but not allow my dog to get overweight
  • Ensure my dog’s vaccinations are up to date
  • Regularly treat my dog for worms and fleas
  • Ensure my dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation by walking and playing with it
  • Not allow my dog to chase and/or kill cats and other small animals
  • Never leave my dog in a locked car
  • Treat my dog with love and kindness, not cruelly or with harshness
  • Never leave my dog alone for extended periods of time
  • If there is no suitable bin I’ll never hang filled dog bags on trees, bushes, fences  etc; instead I’ll take my rubbish home