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Report a problem with dogs

If you have been or are afraid of being bitten by a dog, or for a suspected stolen dog, phone the police on 101. If you suspect a dog is being mistreated phone the RSPCA on 08705 55 59 99.

Report dogs fouling or off leads, lost or found, dangerous or mistreated dogs

Ask us about chipping or fostering dogs and neutering vouchers

The law states that all dogs must wear a collar and tag with the owner's name and address (including dogs fitted with microchips).

Yellow Dog UK Campaign        Yellow Dog Logo

Yellow Dog UK Campaign has been set up to focus on dogs that could be in training, recovering from an operation, being rehabilitated, unwell, a bit nervous or grumpy.

If you are walking your dog and see another dog wearing a yellow bandana around its neck or a yellow ribbon on its lead, the message is clear, the dog needs space, as it currently falls within one of the above descriptions.

Posters and free ribbons or bandanas are available from the Yellow Dog UK Campaign website.