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Medway Telecare and Lifeline

Medway Telecare (traditionally known as ‘Lifeline’)

Whatever turns life takes, keeping our independence often helps us to remain happy and healthy.  Which is why we are delighted to offer our Telecare system, that will adapt to your needs, to help you remain safe and independent for as long as you wish.

What is Telecare?

Our telecare service provides instant alerts, through an alarm unit and sensors (equipment that can monitor specific actions/situations) installed in your home.  Our local team of operators monitor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any alerts that are raised by our telecare service – and whether they need to call out an ambulance, or simply offer support and reassurance, they will remain on the line to you until you are in safe hands.

In the past this service was known as ‘Lifeline’, however advances in technology mean that our telecare service has developed to be able to offer you greater support in your home.  So whether you are someone living on your own, a family carer with responsibilities that you are struggling to manage, or a couple coping with the impact of dementia in your lives - our telecare service offers personal choice and control, helping you to live your lives as you chose.

To help you get started, along with a general information leaflet on independent living, we can also offer specialised leaflets offering support to people living with:

Dementia, Learning Disabilities, Epilepsy Physical Disabilities & Sensory Impairments

But please remember, whatever your personal situation, you can feel confident that we will be able to offer you a telecare solution to support your needs so please call our Service Desk on 01634 567999 (option 1) and speak in confidence with our experienced operators.  

Want to find out more?

You can visit our website Medway Commercial Group to find out more about how telecare works and what’s available – you can also tour our ‘virtual house’ to see telecare in action.

You can speak with our Service Desk on 01634 567999 or email enquiries@mcgsolutions.co.uk for more information and a demonstration of the telecare service – this can be at your home, or our demonstration flat, and is free of charge with absolutely no obligation.

Our Service Desk will also be able to discuss your individual needs with you and then provide details of your personal package costs.  We work hard to keep our pricing competitive with other providers, and you can be assured that we offer a high value service that includes training, support, annual visits and no hidden ‘back end’ charges.