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Emergency out of hours service

We operate out of hours emergency services help line 01634 30 44 00. Outside office hours officers determine the nature of the emergency and pass it on to the appropriate duty officer for action. The only exception to this is social care services which are dealt with under an arrangement with Kent County Council, phone 03000 41 91 91.

The Regeneration, Culture and Community Directorate has an engineer on call to deal with highway-related issues and an officer on call to deal with environmental health emergencies. There is also an officer in the Business Support Department who is available to help homeless people.

For incidents where the precise nature of the problem is unknown, the central control operator may forward the problem on to a senior officer for a decision on the response required from the council. It may be that an officer is then asked to attend the incident to provide first-hand information to help determine the action necessary. This type of emergency call often originates from the police or other emergency services.


Flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency, pollution reports issued by the Coastguard and severe weather warnings from the Meteorological Office are sent by fax to the central control on a 24-hour basis. Warnings are sent from there to the appropriate officers. Out of hours, these are dealt with initially by the duty engineer.

Major emergencies

Notification of a major emergency would normally come from the police. Unlike the normal out of hours emergency calls, all calls of this nature would go through to the central control, regardless of the time of day. Operators have a list of senior officers who would be contacted and some or all of the arrangements outlined in Medway Council's major emergency plan would be put into practice.

Power cuts

To report or get updates on a power cut, call 105 free of charge. This number will go straight through to the local electricity network operator.