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Fire or explosion at key site

Photo of a fireman attending to a fireSome premises may only be considered key sites when they are open to the public, in use or occupied e.g. schools or shopping centres. Other premises, such as hospitals and prisons, may be considered key sites at all times.

Likely effects of a fire or explosion at these sites are:

  • the evacuation of large numbers of people
  • casualties, which may include deaths
  • environmental impact from substances used to fight the fire and substances released into atmosphere
  • long-term effects due to the displacement of residents are also likely.

Within Medway there are several key sites, which, if they are greatly affected, would cause a large number of problems for the whole community. As a result there is regular communication, multi-agency planning, training and exercises with these sites.

Medway has a number of facilities which would have an effect on the wider community if there was a fire or explosion. These are known as Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) sites.