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Fuel shortage

A fuel shortage that occurs over a period of more than a week could disrupt the supply and production of fuel within Medway. A prolonged dispute would be likely to affect the fuelling of vehicles used by emergency services and essential service providers.

The disruption of the fuel supply could be a result of many things including:

  • an industrial dispute
  • a targeted disruptive protest
  • an overseas supply failure or refusal to supply fuel
  • an industrial accident.

The impact of a fuel shortage was highlighted by the fuel price protests in 2001 and a number of lessons were learned that now inform the day-to-day operations of Kent Resilience Forum members.

A fuel shortage is considered a national threat and is being dealt with on a national scale. A number of exercises are planned to test regional resilience.

The utility companies are members of the Kent Resilience Forum and are in regular discussion with Medway Council's Emergency Planning Team and the emergency services.