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Infectious diseases

There are dozens of diseases that must legally be reported to Medway Council. Public Health England has a list of these diseases. These are known as notifiable diseases.

To report a disease, outbreak or suspected infection phone customer services on 01634 33 33 33.

Our Food and Safety team is responsible for investigating the source and controlling the spread of certain notifiable and some non-notifiable diseases in partnership with Public Health England.

In most cases we need a confirmed diagnosis from a medical practitioner, so people who may be suffering from one of these are advised to contact their GP. If a notifiable disease is confirmed, the results will be notified to Public Health England and certain cases will be passed to the Food and Safety team for investigation.

People working in food-handling environments should always report any food-poisoning illness to their employers. In some cases, such as those working with the following risk groups, they may be asked not to return to work until they have recovered.

  • children aged less than 5 who attend nurseries and playgroups
  • people with disabilities or special needs
  • health care workers who have direct contact with patients or their food

For general gastrointestinal infections (without a confirmed diagnosis), food handlers should not work with food until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped.

Ebola virus

Swine flu

  • Swine flu (H1N1) - symptoms, causes, treatment, pregnancy and prevention (NHS)
  • Find a pharmacy - for collecting antibiotics and antivirals prescribed by your GP (NHS)


  • Rabies - symptoms, causes, diagnosis, emergency treatment and vaccination (NHS)
  • Rabies (classical) - about the disease, transmission, prevention and the law (Defra)

Bird flu (diseases affecting animals)

Bluetongue (diseases affecting animals)