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Medway's Air Quality Action Plan

Clean air is important for our health and for the environment. Urban air pollution has a long history and in the past has generally been caused by industrial and domestic sources. Today, the biggest source of air pollution in the UK is from road traffic and this is the case in Medway.

The assessment of local air quality has shown that in Medway levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are above the health-based objectives set out by the Government. Therefore, Medway Council declared three Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in 2010:

  • Central Medway;
  • High Street, Rainham;
  • Pier Road, Gillingham.

Medway has published its proposed measures to improve local air quality.

The Air Quality Action Plan outlines a number of measures aimed at improving local air quality by reducing levels of nitrogen dioxide to acceptable levels.

These are:

  • Promoting cycling and walking;
  • Promotion of car sharing;
  • Encouraging greater use of public transport;
  • Improving freight movement;
  • Traffic management schemes;
  • Development planning;
  • Promotion of health awareness and air quality issues;
  • Procurement of low emission vehicles;
  • Travel planning to reduce the number of journeys;
  • Improving emissions from vehicles.

 The Air Quality Action was formally adopted by Cabinet on 15 December 2015.