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Smoking shelters

If you decide to put up a smoking shelter on your premises, it will need planning permission. This page explains the rules:

Offices, shops, bars and restaurants

Planning permission is needed for all smoking shelters, including:

  • permanent smoking shelters that are outside, whether free-standing or attached to an existing building
  • awnings, canopies and blinds attached to buildings
  • tables and chairs on public land, for example pavements or private forecourts
  • any land that is used as a beer garden or yard that is not part of the business premises
  • areas of decking
  • stub-out bins in front of premises.

Planning permission is not normally needed for:

  • portable free-standing awnings, canopies and space heaters (for example, in beer gardens and yards that are part of the existing business premises).

Industrial and warehouse buildings, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals

Sometimes planning permission may not be needed for smoking shelters at premises such as these.

The smoking shelter’s proposed size, location and the size of any previous extensions or outbuildings that may have been put on the site, will determine whether planning permission is needed.

Please send full details of the size and location of the proposed shelter to the council's Development Control Section, so that the council can informally advise you if planning permission is needed.

If you need formal determination on whether planning permission is required, please apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.


If you want to put up new external signs, for example to provide directions to smoking shelters, you may need to make a separate application for advertisement consent.