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Learning and teaching

This area contains information primarily for use by staff in Medway schools and includes downloads in Word format that you may not be able to open and one in pdf format, for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.

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Subject Summary

Assessment for learning

This links to documents on assessment for learning.


This page has links to websites supporting documentation.

Counting activities for the nursery (Word 234KB)

This contains ideas and activities for foundation stage.

Developing mathematical vocabulary (Word 52KB)

This shares ideas relating to the four rules.

Economical number activities (Word 83KB)

This range of activities explores numbers.

Helping children to use correct mathematical language (Word 22KB)

This contains ideas and activities.

Introducing variety into lessons on word problems (Word 23KB)

This has ideas and activities.

Mathematical bookmarks

These documents contain bookmarks for different topics.

Mathematics glossary for teachers in Key Stages 1 - 4 (pdf 227KB)

This dictionary clarifies a range of mathematical terminology.

Mathematical imaginings (Word 26KB)

These activities encourage children to visualise.

Mathematical games are valuable because... (Word 22KB)

This contains reasons for using mathematical games.

Plenary placemat (Word 26KB)

This has sentence starters to help children contribute to the plenary.

Practical ideas (Word 141KB)

This contains activities for mathematics in the primary classrooms.

Practical resources (Word 21KB)

This lists resources to support the teaching of mathematics.

Problem solving (Word 21KB)

This writing frame supports problem-solving.

Problem solving 2 (Word 21KB)

This writing frame supports problem-solving.

Problem solving 3 (Word 21KB)

This writing frame supports problem-solving.

QCDA maths dictionary (pdf 227KB)

This is a copy of the QCDA maths dictionary, previously published on-line.  It no longer appears on their website, as it has not been updated.  However, it is a very useful tool for teaching mathematics.

True or false (Word 22KB)

This contains activities using true or false statements.

Speaking and listening

This highlights opportunities in mathematics where less obvious objectives or activities could be used to extend children's speaking and listening skills.

Types of games (Word 22KB)

This is a brainstorm document.

Using and applying numbers (Word 57KB)

This pro forma audits provision for Attainment Target 1 (AT1) opportunities.

Using calculators to solve number problems (Word 23KB)

This contains ideas and activities.

3D shapes poster (Word 46KB)

This poster classifies the properties of 3-D shapes.