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Assessment for learning

This area contains information primarily for use by staff in Medway schools and includes downloads in Word format that you may not be able to open. Please select one of the links from the list below for more information.

Subject Summary

Concept map and circles (Word 22KB)


Examples of two assessment for learning strategies.

Probing questions (Word 146KB)


Document exemplifying questions which may be used to probe children's understanding (related to original National Numeracy Strategy key objectives).

Questions that can help to extend children's thinking (Word 50KB)


Suggested ideas for teaching assistants to use. Examples of closed and open questions.

Short, medium and long term assessments (Word 23KB)


Document exemplifying the purposes of assessments and when and what to assess.

The gaps (Word 23KB)


Examples of assessment activity.
What is the plenary for? (Word 31KB) Document explaining the purposes and strategies of the plenary.