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Medway Languages Mark

The information below is intended for use by staff in Medway schools and includes downloads in Microsoft Word format that you may not be able to open.

Medway Languages Mark

Medway schools can apply to be awarded a bronze, silver or gold Mark. Assessment involves a visit to observe teaching throughout a key stage and a meeting with the subject leader to go through documentary evidence. The criteria for the Medway Languages Mark (Word 36KB) can be used to support the school in developing its provision for languages.

The award scheme forms part of all schools’ self-evaluation process. It uses criteria such as timetabling, international links, policy, planning and staffing to measure their progress in language teaching. When they have reached the required level, they can apply to be assessed.

One of the key features of the assessment is sustainability and schools need to demonstrate that all staff are involved with language teaching and that they are making links with secondary schools.

Medway audit

Every September, the council carries out an annual audit of primary language provision. This form can also be used by schools to support self-evaluation, to record progress towards entitlement and to evaluate the quality of provision. The information gathered during the auditing process is used by the council to plan training and target support to those schools who require it. Planning for the implementation of the 2010 Annual Audit of Practice in primary languages at Key Stage 2 is now in progress. Download the Annual Audit Form 2010 (Word 288KB).