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What is the Medway Grid for Learning?

The Medway Grid for Learning (MGfL) is a secure private network connecting school local area networks (LAN) to the Medway Council network, enabling schools to access a number of services that they would otherwise need to purchase and manage independently.

The MGfL is much more than just a broadband connection with 'pupil friendly' filtering.  It is about schools being able to participate in developing and evolving the service, and about schools helping and supporting each other by the simple investment of knowledge and experience.  It is also about the reassurance that school staff opening their email from within a Medway school can be assured that the data is viewed over a private network and therefore provides increased security.

Being part of the MGfL also provides access to resources from the SEGfL, LGfL and the NEN.

Remember that MGfL isn’t just an Internet connection – it also connects schools to each other and to Medway Council sites directly, and has significant levels of access to the services essential for the smooth running of the school. 

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