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Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) consists of a group of educational psychologists working for Medway Council and with children and young people aged up to 19 years, their teachers, parents, carers and other professionals. Most of their work is with children who are in mainstream schools and also those who have specialised needs or who attend special schools or mainstream units, such as those with significant learning, behaviour, physical, language or sensory needs.

The focus is primarily on helping school staff to support children and young people as early as possible. The EPS also advises the council about how to meet the needs of all children, whether they have special educational needs or not.

The EPS has a legal duty to provide psychological advice to the council in the event of a child or pupil being assessed for a Statement of their special educational needs. This is known as the Statutory Assessment Procedure.

The EPS also links with other agencies when appropriate, such as the health service and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Trainee Educational Psychologists

The EPS also offers placements for Trainee Educational Psychologists (TEPs) in Years 2 and 3 of their Doctoral training course. This is organised through the London and South East Universities’ placement panel. TEPs are highly valued members of our team, and we are able to offer good supervision, opportunities for strategic work, and high quality administration support within a compact and close team. TEPs will need to have use of their own car when working in Medway.

Quotes from our 2012-13 Year 3 TEPs

“Medway Educational, Child and Community Psychology Service is a friendly and forward looking team who are dedicated to supporting trainees through their journey to becoming qualified. In comparison to my fellow trainees on my course, the range of work that I have engaged with whilst on placement has been broad and varied and this is reflected in the range of professional competencies that I have been able to develop.  Having the opportunity to be the sole EP for my own patch of schools has allowed me to develop my own hypotheses and interventions around complex casework, something which I have greatly valued in order to become a confident and autonomous practitioner. The standard of supervision provided is above that which I have experienced in other local authorities and having the opportunity to engage in peer supervision alongside individual supervision ensures that trainees are able to benefit from working alongside such highly skilled colleagues.”


“Medway has been a fantastic place to train due to the huge range of experience I have had. I've been able to get involved with Local Authority projects as well as pathfinder work that will influence how the profession works nationally. I've been given the perfect amount of responsibility through having my own patch of schools which I support independently but this patch isn't too big to make it feel unmanageable. I've been given the flexibility to try new assessments learnt about at university and have been actively encouraged to think creatively and work each case differently. Above all I have an amazing supervisor and the service is full of lovely people who welcome trainees into the team as equals.”


“As a trainee in Medway, you are given your own patch of schools, which makes you feel like a real EP! Although it felt like a lot of responsibility at first, it really helps you to build relationships with staff and pupils throughout your training and learn how to work autonomously and prioritise casework and your time within your schools. You also have opportunities to become involved with lots of really interesting systemic projects in your own schools and also jointly with other team members, such as sitting on decision-making panels, whole school literacy interventions, participating in termly group consultations and INSET. This is something I've really enjoyed and are good skills to practise whilst a trainee - speaking to friends in other services, I now realise these are quite unique experiences. The team are really friendly and supportive and are always there to ask "what shall I do?" questions to, and are happy to share resources and advice. I've been really impressed with how innovative and creative the EPs are in their approach to work in Medway. Many use photography and video approaches in their casework and are solution-focused and evidence-based in their thinking about problems. I strongly recommend applying to Medway, it really is a lovely service, offering a wide range of experiences.”