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Personal education plans (PEPs) for young people who are looked after in public care

Personal education plans (PEPs) for young people who are looked after in public care

Medway Council as the Local Authority (LA) wants to support children in public care to be able to do well at school. To help teachers and social workers work together to do this, Medway Council uses PEPs for all children in public care.

Children or young people who are looked after should start working on their first PEP with their social worker, carer and teacher at school when they first come into care and a few weeks before their first care review. The PEP goes to their care review and helps everyone there understand how they are getting on at school or college and they can discuss with the child or young person what they need to do and how to help them achieve this.

What PEPs do

  • They help teachers, carers and social workers understand what a child or young person who is looked after thinks about how they are doing at school and what needs to happen to make it easier to do well
  • When the child or young person helps to write the plan, they will understand better what teachers and carers are trying to do to support them at school
  • Not all young people who are in care do well at school and they sometimes find it hard to stay in school and take their exams. Medway Council is trying hard to work together to help them stay in school, take exams and have a good start when they leave school, either by going to college or university or getting a job they enjoy
  • The PEPs and the targets set for them will be reviewed regularly with teachers, carers and social workers, when appropriate
  • The plan will help everyone consider all the things which help young people at school, including supporting someone who is finding it hard to settle in a new school, making sure the work is set at the right level and helping the school understand that some things may interfere with their ability to learn.

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