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Part 6 - Children with SEN to be educated in mainstream schools


Medway Local Authority (LA) will move towards an increasingly inclusive framework, giving more children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) the opportunity to participate in educational experiences in mainstream schools.



The LA holds the view that mainstream schools should enable most children with SEN to be educated with their peers in their local community, within the framework of the whole school policy for the inclusion of pupils with SEN, accessing the whole of the school’s delegated budget.



Medway LA will work with mainstream and special schools to develop collaborative inclusive practices in support of children whose parents wish them to be educated fully and appropriately in their local school. This will involve differentiating, modifying, or in some cases, misapplying the National Curriculum, and providing or securing professional development for staff.



Schools will be supported to organise and manage the majority of interventions, by their engagement with external agencies. They will be asked to keep under review the suitability of the pupils' learning environment and to identify issues that affect the learning of their pupils.



Each school must have an explicit, inclusive SEN policy which states how the school aims to meet the special educational needs of its pupils in order for them to develop as full participating individuals in the community. The SEN Code of Practice requires the school to report on the effectiveness of the policy.


6.6 All schools are expected as part of their SEN policy to provide opportunities for staff to train in relevant aspects of SEN. The LA will support schools in this by seeking to provide or secure, where necessary, appropriate professional development programmes.