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Part 7 - The curriculum in special schools


Medway Local Authority (LA) will seek to ensure that pupils aged five to 16 years in special schools will follow the National Curriculum at a level appropriate to their attainment. Any modifications or misapplications of the National Curriculum will follow statutory requirements.



The LA will seek to ensure that both special schools and mainstream schools have approaches to curriculum planning to enable individual or small groups of children from special schools to join their mainstream peers in some curriculum areas. This will also allow an individual child to transfer to mainstream provision without the disadvantage of having missed elements of the curriculum.



Medway LA seeks to encourage appropriate opportunities for individuals or groups of children from any special school to join with their mainstream peers in some curriculum activities. This is particularly important in Key Stage 4 as pupils prepare to take their place in the local adult community.


7.4 The LA will seek to ensure that all pupils for whom it is responsible are considered for courses that will lead to a national accreditation, for example the Certificate of Achievement or GCSE.