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Traveller Education Service

Medway Council's Traveller Education Service is relatively small due to the low number of travellers in Medway.  

The first point of contact for traveller families moving into the area is the Education Welfare Service. There is a Welfare Officer who is responsible for finding local school places for traveller children during the time they are in Medway.

The teacher for traveller children works with the Welfare Officer and with traveller families to make sure that the transfer to school is as smooth as possible. The teacher also aims to support schools in understanding the difficulties that traveller pupils and families might have because of their nomadic lifestyle. The teacher helps schools to celebrate and respect traveller traditions and customs.

Medway Council's aim is to make sure that the children and young people gain as much as possible from their time in school and feel that their needs are being met and their way of life respected.

As with all other pupils, travellers are the responsibility of the school to which they are admitted and are a recognised minority ethnic group with all that that implies in terms of equality of opportunity.

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