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Sixth form learner support fund

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The learner support fund is available to help students aged 16-19 who continue their learning in sixth form education and who face financial constraints that might otherwise mean that they could not afford to stay on at school.

Application forms are available from the school or from Medway Council's School Transport and Benefit team. Phone 01634 331155 or email childrens.services@medway.gov.uk to ask for one.

Who is eligible?

Students are eligible if they live in Medway, are over compulsory school leaving age and in school sixth form education.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • care leavers or those in care
  • lone parents
  • disabled students (including those with sensory impairment or learning difficulties)
  • students undertaking basic education or English as a second language
  • students or their parents who receive income support, jobseekers allowance (income based) or working tax credit - current proof of entitlement to these benefits is required
  • students or parents who are on a low income - proof of income and expenditure will be required.

Who besides the pupil needs to complete and sign the form?

  • Parents - current proof of income and/or benefit must be provided
  • Headteacher - after the start of the term.

The closing dates are detailed on the application form. No late applications will be considered.

How much can be paid?

The amount may vary from term to term, due to the number of applicants and their individual needs.

Students going to college may be able to receive assistance from the college's own Access Fund. They should speak to the college directly about this.