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Pests and vermin

Report a problem with pests or vermin in a public place, if the problem with pests or vermin is at a property that you live in or own, phone 01634 333333 to book a pest control visit.

We offer businesses and householders a discreet and professional pest control service, carried out by experienced and fully trained staff. Competitive rates are offered for both temporary and contractual work to residents and all sectors of industry and commerce, including food premises.

We offer improved safety, using tamper-resistant bait boxes to prevent the accidental poisoning of other creatures, along with individual risk assessments for each job and the use of quality products.

Phone 01634 333333 to request a service. A quote for each specific job will be provided within 48 hours, after a survey has been carried out to review your requirements.

For both commercial and domestic premises the team can offer preventive and temporary services for the removal of:

Information links for specific pests not treated by Medway Council